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You are one of those people who surf the net and becomes elated when you find a gem?  I get excited to the point of wanting to share my big discovery with everyone. Do you want to share in my excitement? Read on!


Rocks from Pinterest.com

Looking for new stories, I came across an interview that a blogger did with a college student from Tennessee State University. His name is Deontae Henderson. Immediately, I re-blogged his story to my page. I went to high school in Louisiana and grew up with tons of children with the last name of Henderson. Naturally, I  researched his social media sites to see if I knew him. Even though I did not find him in my family tree, the connection was there. He must be a distant relative of the Henderson’s that I know. Looks just like the bloodline! This is Kevin, his brother, who inspired Deontae to write the story.

And this is the author, Deonate.


I headed over to Amazon.com and downloaded a copy of his book, “TO THE TOP.” The fact that it is a children book with only 18 pages and written by an African American Male heightened my excitement.


The main character is a Turtle named Koa. If you write the name Koa backward, it is A-OK!  Koa decides that he wants to go to the top of the mountain to see the rest of the world. On his way, Koa meets a monkey, a snake, and an eagle that discourage him.  With each encounter, Koa hears excuses as to why a turtle should stay in his place and not follow his dream. But Koa doesn’t stop! Then, Koa meets a goat.

Now, here comes the good part.


READ THE BOOK AND HEAR THE GOAT’S MESSAGE. A whopping $2.99 for an e-book that will change your child’s way of thinking. Buying this book is an investment that you don’t want to miss.

Click here to purchase your copy of “To The Top”: http://amzn.to/2Gz7jsa

If you like To The Top,” you might want to pick up Deontae’s latest book, Momma Bear. I haven’t read this one, but you can expect my review later next month.

Momma Bear

Click here to purchase your copy of “Momma Bear.” http://amzn.to/2ool1GX

Follow this author’s writing journey on Twitter @JustDeontae.

Congratulations Deontae. You make this midnight grandmother very proud. Follow your dreams.  Don’t let anyone stop you! Go to the top of the mountain and see the world.


5 “Must Do” Tips For Traveling With Middle School Kids

Life can be dramatic and funny all in the same day… Jennifer Aniston #quote

Technology has taken control of your vacation. You think you are in control. Think again. Prepare to get stressed out or embrace the changes with a little laughter.


Hello. The school is out for most kids. Summer and vacation time are upon you. Every time school is out you make a promise to prepare early for the family vacation. But, are you ever really prepared? Whether taking a road trip or by train or by bus or by air, these basic tips apply in any situation. Of course, when you decide to take the family pet with you, depending upon the kind of pet, prepare to expect the unexpected. These adorable pets love to travel and want to thank you.


Too Cute!


When my two kids were growing up, we would spend a whole week packing to prepare for the big day mentally. Inevitably, we would forget something. My little girl was the menace of the family. You probably have one in yours. She would pack and unpack so many times until she took all the fun out of getting ready. My son, on the other hand, packed in one hour and rarely changed what he packed in the first place. I recall one vacation when my daughter taped her cat’s mouth shut, stuffed him inside her coat, and made it all the way through customs without being discovered.

“Girls will be girls and boys will be boys.”

Vacation Checklist for Middle School Kids


Gracie Bradford, M.S.-MBA        June 30, 2017    

Tip Number 1: Take the iPad loaded with a minimum of a dozen games and songs. You may not know how to operate the iPad, but trust me, the Middle School Kid does. Invest in a pair of earphones or “Beats” to avoid the noise. Download at least three long chapter books – they act as a sedative.

Tip Number 2: Pack the kid’s cell phone. Limit the number of snap chats, facetime, and texts even if you have an unlimited plan. The purpose of a vacation is to talk to each other face-to-face.

Tip Number 3: Be prepared for a snack attack. Most kids do not like generic food as most adults don’t either. Make sure the meals are their favorite nutritious snacks like fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and beverage (pick up after clearing security if in the airport).

Tip Number 4: Never, never leave home without insect repellant.

Tip Number 5: Pack the backpack as if it is a survivor bag. Include an empty thermal cup, straws, napkins, individually wrapped wipes, a roll of traveling toilet tissue, bandage, a whistle, a small flashlight, single package of Kleenex tissue, their favorite spoon for taking meds, and chewing gum if riding on the airplane. Always insert a card inside the backpack with pertinent information about the child. I’m a senior citizen, and I do the same with my backpack with a few modifications.

My Name is:                                                                  I am ___years old.
My parents are:
My parent telephone numbers are:

My sister or brother name is:

I am allergic to:
I live in:
I take the following prescribed medications daily:
  • Writing this information on a colorful index card is ideal

Safety Alert: Find the child’s favorite wristband, turn it inside out, using a permanent marker, write the child’s name, your name, your telephone number, and destination for when they disappear without telling you. It’s normal for kids to get so excited that they do not pay close attention to where they are and may wonder off. It only takes a split second. It’s better to be safe than sorry.