Books are written to educate, entertain, make money, and deliver a powerful message. Books are written to be read. Let’s have some midnight fun! When the morning crowd wakes up to this blog, they just might send Grandma a nastygram.


“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity” by Amelia Earhart.

Grandma is sassy tonight and stepping out on tenacity.


You live in a society now that tells you what you should read and should not read just from a review of a book. You ask Mr. Google or Ms. Bing, who gave you the authority to tell me which book is good or bad? What is good to you may not be right for me. You may like to read thrillers and hate poetry. I, on the other hand, might like to read hot sexy romance books but do not have a taste for paranormal books. Each of us has our likes and dislikes.

Those of you who say, “I just don’t have the time to read” is setting a poor example for our next generation of adults. I admit I am as guilty as you are.

Undoubtedly, you have read a book at least once in your lifetime. Some read a book every week or month. Hooray for you! I know you know which category you fall within but are you willing to admit it?

How often do you take the time to write and post a review? How many take the time to read to your children, get the child’s opinion and then post a review on behalf of the child using the child’s innocent analysis? I imagine very few.

Authors and writers, you aren’t exempt as we do the same thing. We will read a book that our friend or fellow author wrote writing sweet mushy reviews.

Curse if you must. The truth hurts, right?

You read articles, blog posts, and reviews on social media every day telling you to find something positive to say about the book. You get a mountain of tips telling you what to write in a review. Let me be clear; you write a review that will make someone else want to buy and read the book.

Why should reviews dictate whether a book sells a million copies versus 100 copies?

We are obsessed with buying and reading books about celebrities or the faces of media. If the book contains some hot juicy gossip, it will sell.  The novel doesn’t have to be a great literary work with value.  Celebrity books roll off the shelves like hotcakes while a well-written unknown Indie author’s book stays in the warehouse collecting dust or as one author puts it, “stays in my truck until I give the books away.”

Am I challenging you to tell it like it is? Sure. Just be bold and sassy.  When you use strong action words, reviews get noticed.

 I say it is high time that we start burning “feelings” to build strong writers for the future and make more money.

Don’t get the wrong message. There are already many parents, writers, authors, civilians, poets, professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, mentors, coaches, readers who know how to write fantastic reviews. Just go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble or other sites and read some of the reviews of your favorite books.

Here is the challenge from Grandma.

How many are willing to take a book and use a different first line wording to describe the book?

I submit that these ‘turn your head” phrases will get attention and sell books. Take a book that you recently wrote a review and post in the comment section below: The book cover, your original review, and then choose several of the “turn your head” phrases to re-describe your lead-in sentence.

Example: My initial review of The Neon Houses (link).

“I rated this book a five-star because I started reading and couldn’t put it down. I did not anticipate the direction the plot took me which forced me to continue reading to find answers. The book was an amazingly well-written book. The author made the characters come alive and kept me guessing as to what would happen next. The title of the book takes the reader into a dimension they have never gone before. It was interesting how the author married the aura of Chicago with the folklore of the South. Great job Linda C. Mims. I can’t wait to read the next book in your series.”

My first line in a rewrite MIGHT start with:

Ass kicking ruthless female with a sick spineless husband and formidable ghetto drug dealer with a six-pack that makes you want to grab him right out of the book to make passionate love or perhaps just hang him.  

[Based on the re-written first sentence, I would be more inclined to want to BUY and read this book as opposed to the first sentence in my initial posted review]




Another example:

A review from (link) by an Amazon customer on my book, June the Prune and Lady Bird, Cancer Stinks! “This book was amazing! This should be in every library and home.”

The first line in a rewrite MIGHT start with: “I am mad as hell. I just wanted to shoot one of the characters after I stopped crying.” Then add the original text.

Well, that’s it for tonight.

Click LIKE if you agree with most of the content. Feel free to SHARE your own “turn your head” phrase as a lead-in sentence. You want a review that may generate more attention, so the book has a higher potential to sell.

Click Reply and paste a re-write of one of your reviews in the COMMENT section if you are bold enough to have a little fun.

Turn Your Head phrases:

Eye-opening – ass kicking powerfully

Ass kicking snotty female that made me want to grab her and shake some sense in her…..

The protagonist was ruthless like the author

Recycled garbage

Armageddon twice over

Revenge remade pique square

Disastrous plot yet a smashing good read

Wounded and damaged but wonderfully courageous

Sensational stupid but teetering on best book of the year

Revolting bull shit but authentic

Secrets, cover-ups, and lies running wild

The best-censored (x-rated) love making techniques – no questioned asked

Too scary to read while in an empty creepy place

Surprisingly gutsy topic

Uplifting, delightful, controversial life lessons that you don’t want to hear about but need to understand

A toenail biter

I almost peed in my clothes laughing at _________

Off-limits to prunes who are hung up on “nice.”

Outlawed sex scenes but oh so juicy

The lead character reminded me of my snotty, obnoxious, know-it-all spouse

My kind of woman; sexy enough to make me want to make love to the book

I am mad as hell. I just wanted to shoot one of the characters after I stopped crying


June 5, 2017

A good reference for new nurses

Hurry Up Nurse! Memoirs of Nurse Training in the 1970’s by Dawn Brooks. This 226-page book is a collection of memories from 1977 to 1988 that occurred while Dawn was in nurse training to eventually become a Registered General Nurse. The experiences take place in England. Dawn was born in Nottingham being the first of her family to pursue a professional career.  Dawn describes her family structure and family relationships, friends, her social life, and her colorful journey through nurse training.

The nineteen chapters touch upon all areas of nursing including chapters on orthopedic wards, psychiatric wards, medical wards, and surgical wards. She shares with the reader the many jobs she held before deciding to go to a nursing school such as working on an onion farm and in a handbag warehouse. The reader will probably enjoy reading rare stories of patients’ behaviors when faced with an illness whether physically or mentally.

Were you aware that oranges are the closest thing to human skin? Dawn describes how trainees use oranges to practice injections.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in nursing will find this book to be a glimpse into reality. The stories and events are plausible and often do occur in hospitals. She discusses experiences that most readers would enjoy reading. She states that nurses come across traumas that most people may not ever come across in a lifetime at age eighteen.

She did an excellent job discussing how balance is a necessary trait in a nurse as she/he face situations that evoke tears, anger, sadness, fear, and happiness. There is an interesting section on death and dying that she does a good job describing what nurses face day by day. Ironically, HIV and AIDS had not surfaced during her training years.

Available on


APRIL 16, 2017
A delightful read for middle school to adult.

A “hold your breath” thriller. A phenomenal fantasy. A “keep you on the edge of your seats” mystery! If you love dogs, you must read this book. If you want to read a good mystery, you want to read this book. I couldn’t put the book down before finishing. The book is worth reading to lose yourself into many timelines of travel.

The scenes of teens who go blank and disappear are captivating. On the flip side, other teens go through time exploring the past and the future. During their excursion, the teens manage to visit Planet D which propels the reader into a world of comic adventures. The names of the leading characters are quite amusing. A must-read page turner.

Available on


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