About G-Mom Midnight Reading

While most people are asleep at midnight, I am finishing a book that I just could not put down before going to bed. Then I tell myself that I must write a review before going to sleep so that grandma don’t mix up the plots running around in her senior citizen head with what she just finished reading. It works for me. Often, I have ideas pop into my head that I need to write down before they pop out of my memory bank. I grab my notepad on the nightstand and start writing. It’s not unusual for me to turn in at 3 A.M. However, I don’t get up until 10 A.M.  So, if you get a tweet early morning, just chalk it up to that crazy, sassy grandmother somewhere south of the northern part of the USA.

My companion is hot tea and lime. Traveling the world gives me the opportunity to collect various flavors of tea – some smooth while others are pure junk.

I plan to blog about anything that I find interesting and useful for children facing devastating diseases, parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, non-specialists, preachers, fitness nuts and other writers.

My passion is writing fiction about children with disabilities who use their dog to help them through life’s challenges when they feel no one else cares. Pet therapy can be a life saver.

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