Next stop for the Sunshine Blogger Award created by Susan Day – Maretha Botha hands off to Gracie Bradford

Maretha Botha tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger Award, which means that as the author, I allow one of my characters to speak his or her mind, including an interview with me.  This has been fun.

Don’t forget to read more about Susan Day’s own interview for the Sunshine Blogger Award, written on behalf of DAWG, aka Downright Awful Wicked Genius. . ... read her interview by following this link:

Wag on over to read more about Maretha Botha’s own interview for the Sunshine Blogger Award written on behalf of His Handsomeness, King Rat. King Rat likes to sing his own praises about himself and his author and does it with such eloquence. Here’s what King Rat had to say in his interview, “Now, we have a blogger awards competition on our paws, but I’ll be the first furry one to sing a certain author’s praises. Without a nomination from Susan Day, author and blogger out of this world, no one would’ve known about Fauna Park and its tales – least of all, dear readers, a rat’s tail.  My author cares more about other furry tails than my rat’s tail or tale, because I’m just a rat in her eyes.  However, I’m no ordinary rat, even though at this very moment I’m still living in exile outside the farm’s walls . . . but I’m getting sidetracked.” Please read Maretha Botha’s interview by following this link:                                                                                                 

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Bow-Wow to Maretha Botha

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If it had not been for Maretha Botha’s and King Rat’s nomination, you would have missed out on getting to know me, Lady Bird. I’m a lady, not a bird.



Visitors to my home don’t seem to understand that I own the whole house. When grandmother comes for a visit, as soon as she walks in the door, I take my reserved spot upon her lap. I lick her face and rub my nose against her nose. Every time I visit, she tries to remind me that she doesn’t do face licks. I know she likes it. Do I listen? No. One look into my baby blue eyes makes her cave. I have a special talent that many admire but does not understand how I do what I do. There is a radar inside of me that automatically detects danger. Most of the time I use my radar to protect others but there are times when I use it to piss on someone who is in my face too long kissing on me when I don’t want to be bothered.

I am 60 years old in human years and 10 years old in dog years.

Did you know that Beagles make the best companion because we are naturally friendly, cheerful, calm most of the time, energetic and curious? Not bragging, just saying!

 I am always very protective of my owner and a tad bit sneaky. It doesn’t take much for me to easily attach to anyone who gives me love and I am definitely a social butterfly, unlike my owner. I will move mountains to protect my precious friend, June the Prune, when danger is lurking around the corner. Although I am not a rescue dog, I am definitely a fighter.  You don’t want to get on my bad side. Just ask June’s stepfather. I’m watching him.


Don’t forget to read more about Susan Day’s own interview for the Sunshine Blogger Award, written on behalf of DAWG, aka Downright Awful Wicked Genius. I think Susan is a bow-wow genius to create this award.

Then, wag on over to Fauna Park Tales: An African Adventure Fauna Park Tales written on June 20, 2017


The Interview

1. What genre did your author write you into? What makes your character a great fit for this genre? To answer this question, you should first know a little something about my sassy, crazy, and outspoken human grandmother. Would you believe that she buys me a present every Christmas neglecting presents for my precious owner? She does. Really. If you look into my doggie closet, you will find clothes from around the world that she brings back from her trips. Most of the clothes are funny puppy wear she wants me to put on. She even bought me a Santa Claus suit from Venice and an umbrella from India that looks like a rainbow to put on my head when it is hot in Texas. What dogs wear umbrellas on their head? I’m not human although I act like I am. Okay, to answer the question. G-Mom wrote me into a fiction children book. But, my story should be read by grown-ups too. Wise choice on her part because children love dogs and dogs love children. You see, G-Mom and I know how to show unconditional love to kids more in depth than grown-up humans.


  1. What is your favorite meal? Hum-hum, licking good. I am a spoiled upper-class waging beagle so I get the best of the best. I like to choose my own dog food and treats. I know exactly what to pull off the shelf in the doggie store. My visits drive the store workers crazy when they see me coming because they know June’s Uncle will not allow me to eat store bought food. I just love the game. June insists that I eat a nutritious meal and I comply to appease her. Although, I sneak downstairs and raid the kitchen trash for junk food when she is taking a nap. She allows her Vet Tech Uncle to select my foods. He has put me on a special diet for dogs with arthritis and has this dude and his wife that make special foods just for me. He is such a nerd about my diet.
  2. Do you agree with all the choices your author makes for you? I emphatically agree with her choices even though I think I am so much better. I don’t think she did me justice in the scene when I was dressed up and sneaked into June’s hospital room. Uncle Vet Tech designed a suit and mask for me to wear so when the nurses caught me, they would be so busy that they would forget I was a dog that should not have been in a germ-free room. Uncle said it was an infectious control suit. I looked like an alien from outer space. It didn’t matter how I looked if I got in to help reach my darling June. That was the best visit of my life.
  3. Being a literary type, we really must know – Nanina, The Hobbit or Harry Potter? Well, I must go with Harry Potter because I remember when I was younger, this kid (I think he was Uncle Vet Tech) read to me every book of Harry Potter. Sitting at his feet listening, I would get so sleepy but he would just keep on reading, sometimes all night. I would yearn several times but he would not stop.
  4. Does your author play favorites with her characters? “Woof Woof.” I think she favored June over me which is okay. June touches the heart of everyone she meets. As she does with me. This story was all about June and her journey to beat cancer – the raging beast. Sometimes, I felt that the author paid more attention to G-Mom. She’ll focus on me in her next book when I go searching for Gizmo.
  1. If you could own your own retail store what would you sell and why? If you go into my doggie closet, you would think that you have already walked into a retail store. Now, if I owned the store, I would sell dog foods and treats with no diet food allowed. My store would have a dog swimming pool and spa for the rich people who pamper their dogs and do not count pennies. I would have an upscale trimming shop for boys and girls to get haircuts along with their pets. My specialty would be the special designed suit and head gear that Uncle Vet Tech made so that my fellow pets could go into hospital rooms to visit or even stay with their master. I would put the two pinkies up front to welcome everyone – the little charmers. I even have the perfect name for my store. You guessed – Lady Bird Dogtique Spa.pink2images
  2. If you could have dinner with three famous book characters who would they be and why? Well, I just met some amazing characters on my tour with @MarethaBotha and would love to have dinner with the Fauna Park crew to find out more about their adventures in Africa Fauna Park. I had a crush on Scooby Doo for such a long time. He would be one I would love to have dinner with and rub noses and wag my tail reminiscing about his most challenging mystery that he has solved. I would love to have dinner with Garfield, the cat. It would be so much fun to chase him all around the playground with his hairy self. Dory, the fish, would make a fun dinner companion because her color will compliment mind and we could discuss how to fix her short-term memory loss.
  3. Do you have any plans to take over the world? How would you do it? I was thinking about just that the other day when I went to the doggie park. Sitting and watching all of the dogs play, I wondered what it would be like to be master over all of them. I could visualize me sitting on the dog throne barking orders to my servants. I would train humans to be my servants.
  4. What do you think drives your author’s passion? My author has a big heart for children. When she is writing, I look into her eyes and see the compassion for my master, June. I think she writes about children who has special needs to elevate awareness that these children have a talent that if recognized and developed, they can become extraordinary like me. Woof – Woof.
  5. What 2 things do you want to be remembered by? Winning the contest for peeing on the most trees in the park; how I am attuned to recognizing when humans need some love; and how I can easily sense danger and warn my human friends in distress. I gave you 3 things for a bonsus.

Tune in late 2017 for more of Lady Bird’s shenanigans.

I came up with 10 questions and would love my nominated bloggers to interview any one of their characters in either a completed work or work in progress (WIP)

  1. What genre did your author write you into? What makes your character a great fit for this genre?
  2. What is the hardest thing about being you?
  3. Do you agree with all the choices your author makes for you? If not, what would you change?
  4. Being a literary type, we really must know – name three of your favorite book characters and tell us why they are your favorite?
  5. Does your author play favorites with her characters? On a scale of one to ten with ten being the most desirable, where do you fit on this spectrum?
  6. If you could choose a best friend from the other characters in your book, who would it be and why?
  7. If you could choose a name for your own blog and write about what you know and love, what would it be and why?
  8. Do you have any plans to take over the world? How would you do it?
  9. What do you think is your author’s best qualities are?
  10. If you could speak directly to your readers, without your author as a middleman, what would you like them to hear from the horse’s mouth?

Thank you for reading and please let us know what you think. Comment/Follow if you wish.

Who’s Next?

And now I must hand over the mantle of this Sunshine Blogger Award to several of my other favorite children author bloggers.

I hereby nominate any one of the four authors:

“Sammy Meets Grandma” by Lynn Miclea @hunnipuff  /

“A Dog named Derf” by Raven H. Price @roaringpurr /

“Amazing Matilda” by Bette A. Stevens @BetteAStevens (see above)
“The Complete Adventures of Shelby F. Squirrel and Friends” by Eleanor Lawrie @eleanortawrie1 /


  1. Thanks so much for this lovely tongue-in-cheek interview with June the Prune’s real boss. I loved it and am reblogging it. Interviews like this, need to be read by all the quirky grownups who still have the “inner-child” running amok inside of them, every so often! 🙂


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